AKG K701 Review – Studio Reference Headphones (Is It Really Worth It?)


If you are searching for the best AKG K701 review online, you are on the right place. In this post, I'm going to help you decide whether to buy AKG K701 or not.

AKG K701 is one the best mid-range studio reference headphones that are open in design. The headphone comes with some of the features like patented flat-coil and AKG Varimotion technology for the 2-layer diaphragm to ensure that sound quality is excellent. These features are quite popular among high-end AKG headphones.

AKG K701 Reviewed

Now let's dive into the review of various aspects of the headphones - AKG K701.

Comfort and build quality


They are a bit large headphones, but the good thing is that you don't have to compromise with the comfort due to its size. Because headphones are made to be light weight. I was surprised to see that how such a big headphone sits quietly in my head without any presence for hours. The earcups are large and circumaural, so they offer very good comfort. When you compare it with the headphones of Sennheiser HD series, the clamping force applied by these headphones on your head is optimal.

As they come with self-adjusting leather cushioned headband, they are a perfect fit no matter what your head size is. You just need to put them on your ears, and it takes care of adjustments.

The headphones is made of premium plastic and metal decorative parts. Obviously, these headphones are not for outdoor use, they are purely for studio use, as they are not rugged.

Sound quality

These are not headphones that sound inconsistent on varying frequencies. These are best suitable for studio mixing purposes. So they offer flat frequency response. That means the audio is consistent throughout the spectrum.

If you are a bass lover, it's a good news! Bass response is good and the bass depth is really amazing. Nevertheless, it's balanced. As I said earlier there is no emphasis on any particular range, and that's a boon for pure audio listeners and for studio mixing purposes.

With open-back headphones, you can expect a good soundstage/imaging experience. With traditional open-back headphones, you witness what is called an "in your head" effect. But with these headphones, the sound is very natural and you hear music as if it's played live in the room with the instruments in strategic directions. Due to this soundstage effect, the vocals are marvelous. If you close your eyes, you can easily the visualize the position of the singer and instruments.

Due to this soundstage experience, they are also good headphones for gamers. They help you easily figure out the direction of your enemy footsteps or the gun firing.

The treble or highs are really great. It will surely unveil some of the details of your familiar song you've never heard before. The mids are very clear, the vocals are very pleasing and lively.

Note: As these are open design headphones you can't expect good sound isolation with it. The sound is leaked either way in and out. That should be an issue, as long you are listening or mixing in a potentially quite space.


These are rated at 62 ohms of impedance. Honestly, it's power hungry. It's like 25% more than that of its contenders. If you are looking to plug it to your iPod and hit the gym, it may be not for you. For portable devices, it drains the battery more than ever, with weaker volume and sound quality.

It needs a good pre-amp to drive. They perform extremely well when connected to a decent pre-amp. The volume and punchiness of the sound is extremely good when connected to an amp.

If you are seriously planning to buy these headphones and don't have any amps to drive them, you need to consider buying a good portable amp like FiiO Q1.

For studio use?

These are reference headphones made for music creators. They are of high-fidelity, made especially for precision listening. As I told you earlier, there's a reason why these are made open design and has flat frequency response.

The main requirement for mixing and maybe for DJing, is that the sound production should be accurate with no coloring. Because the music you produce will be played on headphones and speakers that do coloring and enhancements.

They are well suited for the studio use and are meant for studio purposes.

In studio mixing, it's often recommended to buy a good studio monitor. But still, many prefer headphones for mixing due to the convenience it offers. If you are the latter type, these won't disappoint you.

Do note that, for extreme precision mixing, these headphones may not work to its full potential out of the box. They need a burn-in period of around 100 hours. Most of the buyers fail to realize it.


  • ​Flat frequency response
  • Good sound quality
  • Deep bass
  • Good soundstage
  • Great comfort


  • Need an amp to drive it effectively
  • 100 hours of burn-in time for critical applications

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