Audio Technica ATH-E40 Review – Professional In-Ear Monitors

Hopefully, shortly after the release, I got the opportunity to write the Audio Technica ATH-E40 Review. If you looking to buy this pair of headphones, make sure you read this review. After reading this review I'm sure that you'll be clear whether to buy ATH-E40 or not.

The great thing about in-ear monitors is that they are suitable for listening to music and also for studio use in mixing and recording. Audio Technica is a pioneer at designing professional in-ear monitors, and ATH-E40 is one of such a kind.

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Audio Technica ATH-E40 Review


Audio Technica ATH-E40 is one of the best budget in-ear monitors out there. If you are looking for affordable headphones without compromising with quality, these headphones may be for you.

Sound quality

The headphones come equipped with dual phase push-pull drivers, that are made especially for monitoring applications and provide good sound with great detail and accuracy. This is especially helpful for mixing.

The frequency is range is 20 - 20KHz, which is pretty good. The impedance is marked at only 12 ohms, which makes these headphones to sound a little louder at low volumes. 

The best part about these headphones is that they sound better at even low volumes. If you are kind of a person who listen to soft music, these would be good for you. They have high sensitivity, so that even at low volume levels they sound louder and crisper.

As these are monitors, the soundstage and imaging are impressive considering the price point. The music in the headphones feel like being played in a live concert, you can distinguish the sounds made by different instruments, which is a boon for studio mixers.

When it comes to bass, it's detailed and there is a good bass response. But certainly, it's not for bass-heads.

So if you want great natural sound, want wonderful soundstage experience, these IEMs won't disappoint you.

Comfort and fit

Headphones offer a decent comfort, with the memory cable looping over the ear. Spending hours wearing these headphones is easier, as they come with silicone ear tips. But if you are looking forward to wear these headphones while working out or running, this may not be for you.

If you are looking for 100% noise isolation, this may not be for you. But they do offer a good isolation from the surroundings, and at higher-volume, you can't hear the external noise. But honestly speaking, there are other IEMs which offer good noise isolation but may not offer soundstage experience like that of ATH-E40.

The only downside is that the IEMs are a bit bulkier for wearing it while commuting.

Build quality and durability

Overall the build quality is great like that of any other Audio-Technica headphones in the market. These IEMs are made of high-quality plastic that does not break easily and very thick. They certainly are not like indestructible. They should be fine as long as you take good care of them.

The best part is that the cable is detachable. You can replace them if needed. This feature offers good durability and lifespan. In the case of IEMs, that too budget ones, it's rare to see detachable cable which is of a great rescue.


  • Good soundstage
  • Good comfort
  • Detachable cables
  • Low sensitivity


  • Bit bulkier


These are the great IEMs below $100. If you are a music producer and want to mix audio tracks on the go without going for high-end studio monitors, this is the way to go. Excellent soundstage experience is great for mixing and also listening to music particularly classical music, EDMs, pop and maybe hip-hop. Comfort is good, and you can go for hours.

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