Campfire Audio Orion Review: Reference Sound In-Ear Headphones


Campfire Audio is one of the new IEM manufacturing company found by Ken the brain behind ALO audio. They’ve been involved in producing some great reference sound IEMs like Andromeda, Nova, Lyra, etc.

In this post, I’ll be reviewing their IEM the Campfire Audio Orion, which is an entry-level IEM priced at under $350. The headphones are advertised to offer the best flat frequency reference sounds. Meaning that the sounds will be played as they are recorded so coloring will be done to the sound. It will be great for studio purposes. The IEMs have single full-range balanced armature drivers to deliver the best clarity in the sound.

Let’s jump into the review.

What’s in the box?

The whole IEM and it’s hard case comes within a box, that’s no so appealing. As the focus is on the performance of the IEMs, let’s focus on what’s inside the box. Inside the box, the IEMs are placed inside a hard case, that’s nicely textured and quite hard. It seems that it protects the earphones inside even if it is dropped.

The coating inside the outer case is great and prevents the IEMs from being damaged due to vibration.

Along with the main IEMs, the package also contains several sets of eartips that also includes Comply foam eartips for maximum comfort and isolation. As usual, there’s also a manual book that guides you through the nitty-gritty stuff.

Build quality

The quality of the driver housing shell is great. There are three screws on the driver housing to keep the shells together. The quality of the shells are great and are is certainly premium when compared to other entry-level IEMs in this range. There are no imperfections in the shell whatsoever.

The shell is coated with Cerakote Composite Coating, that increases the durability of the IEMs from water, wear-and-tear and also the drops. The shells are hard and is very solid. Nevertheless, the earphones are very light and focused on ease of use in everyday life.

The cable is connected to the shell using standard  MMCX connector. This a standard connector used for connecting cables to the driver housing. So if in any of the case the cable breaks out, you can easily find an alternative cable that perfectly fits in your IEMs. Thus the usage of these MMCX connectors ensures the longevity of the IEMs.

The copper cable is silver plated and is of hybrid quality. This ensures that the cables won’t produce any static noise or any sort of cable-rubbing noise. This kind of cable is uncommon in the case of entry-level IEMs.

Sound quality

These IEMs fit perfectly into your ears, and the multiple eartips that this IEM comes with are excellent. You can just pick up the great fitting eartips.

The impedance of the earphones is marked at 22 ohms. Thus these IEMs can be easily driven by iPhones or any other hand-held devices. However, to get the most of these IEMs you may want to get a good portable DAC amp like FiiO E10K.

Coming to the sound quality, the sound is well balanced. As there are balanced armature drivers used in these IEMs, you can expect the sound to be crisp-clear and detailed. Due to this type of driver, the highs and the mids are very well detailed. The vocals are too great.

Bass is there, but not at all emphasized. But I personally feel that bass would be quite more. The existing bass is diminished the mids. Due to the lack of bass, the soundstage is a little bit less than other competitors but nevertheless good. This is expected with all balanced armature driver powered headphones.

Overall, more emphasis is given on the details of the vocals, and they come alive.

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