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Campfire Audio Orion Review: Reference Sound In-Ear Headphones


Campfire Audio is one of the new IEM manufacturing company found by Ken the brain behind ALO audio. They’ve been involved in producing some great reference sound IEMs like Andromeda, Nova, Lyra, etc. In this post, I’ll be reviewing their IEM the Campfire Audio Orion, which is an entry-level IEM priced at under $350. The […]

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Audeze LCD-2 Review – Are These Planar Magnetic Headphones Really Worth It?

Audeze LCD 2

​​Before diving into the Audeze LCD-2 review, I need to present you the overview of these headphones.These headphones are not really meant for mass-market. It’s specially meant for audio enthusiasts who work in studios or mixing tracks hours together. These are essentially open-design reference headphones, that do come with a hefty price tag of below […]

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AKG K701 Review – Studio Reference Headphones (Is It Really Worth It?)

AKG K701

If you are searching for the best AKG K701 review online, you are on the right place. In this post, I’m going to help you decide whether to buy AKG K701 or not.AKG K701 is one the best mid-range studio reference headphones that are open in design. The headphone comes with some of the features […]

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Denon AH-C820 Review: Dual Driver In-Ear Headphones

Denon AH-C820

Denon has unveiled its new AH-C820, AH-C720, and AH-C620R in-ear headphones. Among these, I’m reviewing AH-C820. It is the best headphone out of the three versions that the company has launched. Denon in-ear headphones are designed so that people experience audiophilic sound even while traveling and while on the go. They stress more on comfort, and […]

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Audio Technica ATH-E40 Review – Professional In-Ear Monitors

Hopefully, shortly after the release, I got the opportunity to write the Audio Technica ATH-E40 Review. If you looking to buy this pair of headphones, make sure you read this review. After reading this review I’m sure that you’ll be clear whether to buy ATH-E40 or not.The great thing about in-ear monitors is that they […]

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