Denon AH-C820 Review: Dual Driver In-Ear Headphones


Denon has unveiled its new AH-C820, AH-C720, and AH-C620R in-ear headphones. Among these, I’m reviewing AH-C820. It is the best headphone out of the three versions that the company has launched.

Denon in-ear headphones are designed so that people experience audiophilic sound even while traveling and while on the go. They stress more on comfort, and the headphones are made lightweight and compact loaded with top-performing drivers.

If you are willing to buy Denon AH-C820, you must read this review. Because in this review I’m gonna help you whether to buy the new AH-C820 or not.

Sound quality

The Denon AH-C820 comes with dual drivers. Along with the regular drivers, it comes with Double Air Compression drivers that are dedicated for the production of deep bass with ultimate clarity. Within such a compact space, and with a lightweight design ,the dual drivers are the exception in producing high-quality sound.

The Denon AH-C820 is fitted with Comply TX500 ear-tips, that offers excellent sealing and isolation from the surroundings. This also ensures that the bass is deep and resonating and do not leak.

The frequency response range is great at 4-40,000Hz. That’s rare in this price range of around $200. This range ensures that the headphones won’t struggle producing sounds of wide frequencies.


The comfort of these headphones are great. No matter what size your ears are. The 4 sizes of ear tips that these headphones come with ensure that you wear the eartips that offer maximum comfort. The headphones also come with a cable clip, allowing you to hook the wires to your shirt, and thus offering you good comfort while not listening to any music.

The Comply eartips provide a secure fit to your ears by it’s ergonomically shaped housings, that’s made for great comfort.

You can easily walk wearing these headphones. But running with these headphones on may be not possible.


As I told you earlier these headphones are great for audio enthusiasts who often commute. So, these in-ear headphones are made to be compatible with Android and iOS devices. Even there are dedicated Denon audio apps for both the devices for to tune the sound or music you hear from the headphones according to your preferences.

The sensitivity is quite high at 115 dB/mW so that the audio volume is good even at lower levels. This high sensitivity is good when outdoors where even the highest volume levels won’t excite you much.

The impedance of the headphones with 16 ohms, which is quite good considering it to be used with portable handheld devices.

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