7 Best Headphones for Rock Music You’ll Ever Need (#1 is Crazy)

If you are struggling to find the best headphones for listening to rock music, you are in the right place. In this post, I’m gonna present you some of the good headphones that provide the right balance between the bass and the vocals so as to provide you the maximum rock music hearing experience. In rock music as the lyrics you hear should be clear, the headphones should be able to reproduce exact crisp sound as transmitted by your mp3 or mobile device.

For these requirements, we have made a research and found out top 25 headphones that give you the best sound quality and overall experience when hearing to rock music. In addition to these, those headphones also have excellent noise isolation mechanism so as to keep the surrounding noise from entering your playback.

Best Headphones for Rock Music

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro


They are equipped with Bass reflex technology for producing top quality bass in the market.

These headphones are definitely the best midrange headphones that you can buy for good rock music experience. It comes with closed back and  over the head design, it comes with excellent noise isolation. Along with the nice noise isolation feature, they do not leak sound like a speaker to the surrounding and they are quite perfect for quiet office kind of environments.

As these headphones come with soft leather ear pads, they offer great comfort for even hours of listening. The headband is also very comfortable, adjustable or more importantly replaceable.

These headphones are of 80 ohms impedance. Although you can hear music with that of your mobile or mp3 player, you can’t expect the quality of music on mobile as compared to that of connecting it to an amp. For the best rock music experience, I highly recommend you t connect it your PC or a proper amplifier.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x


This is one of the most highly rated professional headphones on Amazon. These headphones come with 45 mm large-aperture drivers that are capable of producing a deep bass response that’s of high clarity. The driver is big enough to cover the entire frequency range with high precision.

The headphones earcups come with circumaural design, meaning that the original playback is least affected by external noise and the noise isolation is excellent in the case of these headphones. This design also prevents any sound leaking out to the surroundings, making it the ideal rock music headphones that you can wear in quiet environments like office or library. The cushion surrounding the ear cups are remarkable and are comfortable to wear for extended periods. The  headband is also enveloped with a soft material making it to rest softly over you head without giving much pressure.

It delivers you punchy low-end bass, great mids, and crystal clear highs that sustains no matter how much volume you crank in. This sort of consistency in different frequencies makes it a good headphone for listening to rock music which requires more precision for a good experience.

The headphone comes with a removable cord, that’s the biggest pro when compared to the previous model of the headphone i.e. M50. This model comes with 3 cables and you can use them according to your choices.



This is a semi-open, over the ear headphones.  As the headphone is semi-open, it offers a mediocre level of sound isolation. That means  you can hear the voices of  the people around you. Your playback may also be leaked to the surrounding. When I researched about this headphone, this is the only one disadvantage of the product.

Along with this, semi-open headphones like this, carry their own benefits. Semi-open headphones produce excellent sound staging and realistic bass experience while listening to the music. Many of the closed headphones struggle and make highs too harsh. But that’s not the case in semi-open headphones like this one.

The headband is self-adjusting, you need not to manually pull the things to make the headphones perfectly fit your head.

Both earcups rotate 180 degrees on both the sides with ease. This makes the headphones easy for portability. As the earcups for big, they cover your ears completely, providing more comfort in a long run.

Shure SE215-K


This headphone earbud comes with micro-driver, that’s capable to produce deep bass effect and also mids and highs with great clarity.

These earbuds also feature sound isolating feature that lets you hear to the music without any intervention by the surrounding noise. This feature alone gives you surprising amount of noise isolation as compared to that of professional headphones. Initially, I also wondered how a pair of earbuds can give noise isolation to the grade of over the ear headphones.

The earbuds are so comfortable and they do not easily fall out of your ears while running.

The right balance between the bass, mids and highs is what that driven me crazy with these earbuds. This subtle balance makes it the best earbuds/ headphones for listening to rock music. Because, in case of rock music, the detail of the music is more important than anything for enriching experience.

Grado SR80e


The prestige series of these headphones comes with larger earcups cushioned for comfortable listening. But for long term listening, earcups are not quite comfortable for large heads. But that should not bother you a lot.

The quality of the sound is excellent. If you are expecting audiophile sound quality with these headphones, just go for it. The overall headphone with very lightweight and comfortable fit on your heads without causing stress.

Along with punchy bass and clear mids and highs, these headphones offer above par soundstage experience making it good for listening to rock music.

V-MODA Crossfade M-100


This headphone comes with dual diaphragm drivers. One driver will be dedicated solely for bass reproduction purposes,and the other for producing great mids and highs. The two drivers are assembled so as to provide deep bass, and vivid highs and mids while listening to music.

The earcups comes with a soft cushion that’s comfortable for extended usage. However, some of the users have reported that the headphones turn out to be slight uncomfortable after wearing it for hours.

These headphones perform exceptionally well of music such as rock, classical, and pop. But they performed pretty bad (for the price) incase of movies and games (the sound appeared compressed)

Panasonic RP-HTF600-S


This headphone comes with large 50 mm neodymium drivers that are capable of producing deep bass and crisp highs and mids. The earcups naturally rest on your ears, not producing any discomfort to you when wearing it for long times. The headband is adjustable. You can adjust the headband size so that it fits varying head sizes. The cord length is really long at 10ft. Cable management is bit difficult without the use of a cable wrap.

When it comes to sound isolation, these headphones are pretty poor. As the headphones are semi-open, you can easily hear the outside noises that too when the music is not playing. If you are looking for a pair of headphones that are excellent in noise isolation, this may not be the one that you are looking for. But when you are listening to rock songs, the lack of subtle sound isolation may not bother you very much.

It offers you excellent sound staging experience. But the downside is that it leaks sounds, that means people around you can easily hear to what you are playing. If you are planning to use those headphones for office or quiet environments, this headphone may not be for you. For home/ studio use, this works best.


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